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Gallery Red is proud to introduce the newest addition to their annual exhibition program, Cream — an exhibition of recent graduates. Artists have been sourced from a number of art institutions across Sydney, and brought together to showcase this new crop of emerging artists working across multiple disciplines.

Featuring works by: Kate Bedford, Eliya Nikki Cohen, Georgia Emslie, Lachie Hinton, Maria Kyriacou, Susanah Lau and Eloise Rankine.

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artist on Friday 21st March 6 – 8pm

Supported by: White Rabbit Brewery.

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Disbound: February 28 – March 18.

Gallery Red presents Disbound an artist book exhibition featuring the works that explore the realm of the artist book through prints, drawings, sculptural statements and paper engineering.

Featuring works by: Barbara Aroney, Barbara Bartlett, Chidzey, Claudia Citton, Kathryn Ryan, Kassandra Bossell, Kay Lyon, Julie Bookless, Terence Uren.

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artist on Friday 28th February 6 – 8pm

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Under Pressure 2014

Gallery Red presents Under Pressure our annual printmaking exhibition.  Now in its fifth year, this exhibition showcases national and international, emerging and professional artists working within the printmaking medium.

Featuring works by:  Alun Rhys Jones, Bettina Anderson, Damon Kowarsky, David Fairbairn, Hyun Ju Kim, Jacqueline Aust, Kathy Boyle, Lea Kannar, Mark Rowden, Neale Krahe, Pamela Horsnell, Rodney Grant and Victoria Monk.

Please join Friday, January 31 from 6 – 8pm for opening night drinks with the artists.

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Six – 2013 Retrospective. 29th Nov – 14th Jan

Gallery Red presents Six – 2013 Retrospective a mixed media, group exhibition featuring a collection of Artists from our 2013 exhibition programme.

Six is a hand-picked, mixed media exhibition showcasing the works by both our favourite professional and emerging artists from our past calendar year.

Featuring works by: Anna Moraova, Chidzey, Edwina Brennan, Enrique De Val, Johnny Merkouris, Julie Bookless, Kathryn Ryan, Matthew Syres, Pamela Horsnell, Rachael Ireland and Tim Fitzpatrick

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artist on Friday 29th November 6 – 8pm

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Pennie Pomroy - birds of a feather

We Heart Glebe. 8th – 26th November

Gallery Red presents I Heart Glebe a mixed media, group exhibition by local Artists.

Glebe has long since been a hub for the creative, with a quarter of Glebe’s population identifying themselves as working in a creative arts field. We Heart Glebe is an exhibition of selected works by Artists from the Glebe area. Showcasing both established and emerging artists this exhibition.

Featuring works by: Andrew May, Daniel Gfeller, Denise Lithgow, Frances Feasey, Jan Shaw, Jill Carter Hansen, Kalpa Jadeja, Marissa Zaknich, Mark Spense, Patrick Blake, Pennie Pomroy and Regina Law.

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artists on Friday 8th November 6 – 8pm

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Breakfast, 2013 Zak Kaczmarek

Surrealist Ragpicker, Situationist Reporter. 25th Oct – 5th Nov

Gallery Red presents Surrealist Ragpicker, Situationist Reporter a two person, photographic exhibition by Petra O’Halloran and Zakarij Zaczmarek.

Leaning itself to situationist reportage or surrealist ragpicking these images form a series of collected and fragments incidences. The photographs show life today – as the artists have deciphered it. Rather than a window into the everyday the artists are able to create a new ‘world bound by the photographic frame’[i]

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artist on Friday 25th October 6 – 8pm

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[i] Shore, Stephen “The Nature of Photographs” pp22-30


Unready-Made. 4th – 22nd Oct



4th October – 22 October 2013


Gallery Red presents Unready-Made a solo exhibition by Chidzey. Inspired by the 100th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s seminal ‘readymade’: Bicycle Wheel.

A tongue in cheek investigation as Chidzey pays a satirical homage to art in contemporary society through the lens of Duchamp’s 1961 statement regarding anaesthetic delectation.

The choice “was based on a reaction of visual indifference with at the same time a total absence of good or bad taste – in face a complete anaesthesia”.

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artist on Friday 4th October 6 – 8pm

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31 Days: Blur the lines 6th Sep – 1st Oct

Gallery Red as part of The Sydney Fringe Festival presents its major annual exhibition 31 Days. Themed Blur the lines, this group exhibition explores the unique process of artists working within different mediums.

31 Days: Blur the Lines is an exhibition that explores the artistic process. 8 artists working within different mediums have been given the task at creating a work per day during the month of July, the aim and purpose of this task is to record the process and progress as the work evolves practically and conceptually over the month.

Featuring works by: Suzanne Archer, Filippa Buttitta, Tim Fitzpatrick, Kerry Freeman, Pamela Horsnell, Dorien Karam, Tanya Ljubic and Kathryn Ryan.

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artists on Friday 6th September, 6-8pm.

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complete my face(1)

The Human Condition. 9th – 27th August

Gallery Red presents The Human Condition, a group exhibition showcasing the new works of four contemporary photo artists.

The Human Condition is an exhibition that explores the struggle of adding purpose and meaning to aid in understanding our own existence. The artists explore subjects such as connections between individuals and places, the enlightenment and sense of awe felt through travel and experiences and the idea of representational layers of a person.

Featuring works by: Liz McCrystal, Johnny Merkouris, Tasman Miller and Luke Nguyen

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artists on Friday 9th August, 6-8pm.

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Darling St(1)

Moments in time. 26th July – 6th August

Gallery Red presents Moments in time the first solo exhibition by painter Edwina Brennan. Edwina’s work documents the Balmain, Glebe and the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Edwina captures the intimacy of moments in atmospheric and vibrant work as she uniquely, represents the urban and seaside scapes of popular Sydney locations.

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artist on Friday 26th July, 6-8pm.

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Now we are Five. 5th – 23rd July

Gallery Red presents the Now we are Five group, mixed media exhibition to celebrate the fifth birthday. We have invited our favorite artists over the past five years to come back and contribute a new work under the theme, Red.

Featuring works by: Alison Cummins, Enrique Del Val, Julie Bookless, Keith Chidzey, Kristen Smith, Margret Carey, Matt Syres, Pam Hornsnell and Robbie Green.

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artists on Friday 5th July, 6-8pm. The exhibition will continue until 23rd of July.

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Exhibition Catalogue:


Boonah: Jump In

Gallery Red in association with the Boonah Creative Arts Centre presents Jump In an annual group mixed media exhibition. Jump In brings together, in celebration the new works of some 30 artists working with a disability in the Boonah Creative Arts Centre.

Boonah: Jump In showcases art’s unique quality of transcending the barriers of life. This year’s title, Jump In refers to submerging into the technicolour and the raw and original process of absorbing the emotive quality of the artworks.

Please join us for opening night drinks with the artists on Friday 14th June, 6-8pm.

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31 Days: Blur the lines – CALL OUT

Gallery Red in association with the Sydney Fringe Festival presents 31 Days an annual group exhibition that celebrates the daily practice in developing and creating artwork. The theme this year Blur the lines explores the ebb and flow of ideas as they evolve over the period of a month.

Click here for further information.


Shutter Speed 2013

Gallery Red in association with the Head On Photo Festival presents Shutter Speed an annual group photo exhibition featuring new works by emerging photo-artists.

Shutter Speed showcases the new work of established and emerging photo-artists. Themed, The Finders View each artist has created a unique interpretation of the proposed subject.

Featuring works by: Anthony Cummins, Judi Kuepper, Julia Pannell, Kylie Foley, Liz McCrystal, Matt Syres, Matt Townsley, Nicole Wells, Robbie Green, Rowena Clarke, Tristan Blattman and Alexandra Robinson.

Please join us on Friday 24th May for drinks with the artists from 6pm – 8pm.

The exhibition continues from 24th May until 12th June.

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An Intimate Dimension

Gallery Red presents An Intimate Dimension, a solo photo exhibition by Rachael Ireland as part of the Head On Photo Festival.

Created whilst undertaking an artist residency in Argentina, Rachael shares her response to the arid & vast Patagonian landscape & elements of settler history combined with the domestic space she occupied at Residencia Corázon & how this mediated her relationship with the outside world.

“My work is concerned with domestic space and the idea of home, and how it mediates our relationship with the outside world. How it separates, protects and confines. I am interested in exploring the divide between urban domestic space and environments that exist at its peripheries, which at some point in history, have been deemed isolated, inhospitable or wild – undomesticated.
Through my photographic practice, and the travel it brings about, I negotiate physical and conceptual boundaries of home, reassessing and altering what constitutes my own sense of home and belonging. Additionally my work is informed by cultural and individual histories that expose how other people encounter and negotiate their sense of home in unfamiliar environments.” – Rachael Ireland

Please join us for drinks with the artist on Friday 3rd of May.

The exhibition runs from 3rd May – 21st May.

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Celebrating the Spectrum

Gallery Red presents Celebrating the Spectrum; an annual exhibition showcasing the talents of artists associated with Autism Spectrum Australia, (ASPECT).

Please join us for the opening of the exhibition & to meet the artists on Friday 12th April 6-8pm.

Featuring artworks by: Rodney South, Scott Harrison, Sharon Williams, Abigail Tan, Kris Kotevski, High Macnamara-Sharp, Alison Cummings, Graham Knox, Danny Sawday, Leonard Tinyow, Nathan Israel, Alexis Atkinson, Alexandra Robinson, Broadie Ried, Thomas Stines, Peter Gibbs, Danny Sawday, Graham Knox, Adis Yusman, Grace Oliver, Robbie Green, Megan Hammond, Luke Salmon and Simon Nicolls.

ASPECT: Aspect offers services which help build confidence and capacity with adults on the autism spectrum, their families and carers. The services offer opportunities for people to engage, build relationships and develop their skills. Aspect creative arts programs offer new ways for people on the spectrum to express themselves.

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Gallery Red presents Connections, a group mixed media exhibition.

This exhibition brings together an eclectic sample of artworks from a group of Art Therapists and trainees from the University of Western Sydney. Often stemming from the emotive rather than the narrative, this body of work provides a diverse and sometimes challenging array of artworks.

Please join us for drinks and to meet the artists Friday 1st March from 6 to 8pm.

Featuring artworks by: Tracy Allen, Kate Deacock, Janice Ellis, Eleanor Garthwin, Catherine Johnston, Amba Lewis, Nerida McCarthy-Nielson, Anna Moraova, Rebecca Nidorf, lay.D pizazz, Maarit Rivers & Rena Shein.

Connections run from 1st to 19th March 2013.

The opening hours for this exhibition are Monday – Friday 10am-5pm, Sat by appointment

Download the invite here


Under Pressure 2013

Gallery Red presents Under Pressure, our fourth annual group printmaking exhibition featuring recent artworks by a variety of artists.

Featuring recent artworks by: Jill Carter-Hansen, Cate Dudley, Laura Gamio Raluy, Rebecca Hillis, Pamela Horsnell, Anne-Maree Hunter, Janet Kossy, Mitzi McKenzie-King, Victoria Monk, Patrick O’Rourke and Anna Russell.

Please join us for the opening of the exhibition Friday 1st February 6-8pm for drinks and to meet the artists.

Under Pressure runs until Tuesday 19th February 2013.
Opening hours for this exhibition are Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm.

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Gallery Red presents Five, our fifth annual retrospective exhibition. This exhibition features artists who have exhibited in our 2012 program, using a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking & photography.

Please join us for the opening on Friday 23 November for drinks and to meet the artists from 6-8pm.

This exhibition includes artworks by:
Margaret Carey, Chidzey, Rowena Clarke, Alison Cummins, Cate Dudley, Kerry Freeman, Robbie Green, Pamela Horsnell, Sally Mowbray, Claire Nakazawa, David Quoy, Alexandra Robinson, Stephanie Simcox, Matthew Syres and Samantha Tidbeck.

Download the invite here

This exhibition runs from 23 November 2012 to 16 January 2013.
Open Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm, Closed 22 December – 13 January.


The Noughties…WTF?

Gallery Red presents The Noughties…WTF?, a debut solo exhibition by printmaker David Quoy.

David uses sculpture, installation and a variety of printmaking techniques, including lithography and woodblock, to explore his central concepts. The Noughties…WTF? provides an analysis on the connection and influence of world events, popular culture and the impact the media has on our society. By recontextualising ordinary objects with new symbolic value, David strives to create social narratives that provide a scathing but humorous critique on a truly ‘WTF’ decade, the Noughties (2000-2010).

Please join us at the gallery on Friday 9 November for drinks and to meet the artists from 6–8pm.

The Noughties…WTF? runs until 20 November 2012.

Gallery Hours for this exhibition are Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday 10th November 10am – 3pm and Glebe Street Fair Sunday 18 November 10am – 3pm (Mondays subject to change).

Download the invite here.