Celebrating the Spectrum



Gallery Red presents Celebrating the Spectrum; an annual exhibition showcasing the talents of artists associated with Autism Spectrum Australia, (ASPECT).


Please join us for the opening of the exhibition & to meet the artists on Friday 12th April 6-8pm.


Featuring artworks by: Rodney South, Scott Harrison, Sharon Williams, Abigail Tan, Kris Kotevski, High Macnamara-Sharp, Alison Cummings, Graham Knox, Danny Sawday, Leonard Tinyow, Nathan Israel, Alexis Atkinson, Alexandra Robinson, Broadie Ried, Thomas Stines, Peter Gibbs, Danny Sawday, Graham Knox, Adis Yusman, Grace Oliver, Robbie Green, Megan Hammond, Luke Salmon and Simon Nicolls.


ASPECT: Aspect offers services which help build confidence and capacity with adults on the autism spectrum, their families and carers. The services offer opportunities for people to engage, build relationships and develop their skills. Aspect creative arts programs offer new ways for people on the spectrum to express themselves.


Download the invite here