Form And Function In The Kitchen

The modern kitchen has evolved from being just a place to prepare and cook food. Today, it’s a place where people meet, study, work and also have dinner. It should, therefore, look nice. So, when designing a modern kitchen, you must balance between form, and functionality.

Creating a gorgeous and stylish kitchen with quality gadget and appliance sounds good. But this room is not just for display. You need to cook, host guests, eat dinners and breakfast, and do many other activities. Here are best ideas on how achieve form and function in the kitchen.

extra light in the kitchen

Understand The Purpose

To achieve both form and function in the kitchen, start with figuring out the purpose of design. What you want to do with the new kitchen? This is an essential factor to consider because it will determine what you will bring in this room. If you are hosting a guest or having dinner in the kitchen, you need to create space for it. The purpose and function of the kitchen also inform the appliances and devices to bring. That’s why the goal is a crucial factor for starts.

Quality in the Kitchen

To get gorgeous kitchen with little effort, investing in quality. You don’t have to bring a lot of things to make it look beautiful. Imagine having the latest refrigerator, dishwasher or coffee maker in the kitchen. They would create a superb centre of attraction in the space. The rooms would look great with very little effort. So, you don’t need to put a lot of devices and appliances in the kitchen to enhance its aesthetics. Just invest in a few quality appliances, accessories and fixtures.

Install A Water Filter

water filter system

Your kitchen will look more modern and classic with a quality water filter. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to select from. Undersink water filters in the kitchen can create a sleek and minimalist look while providing filtered water for your home. We recommend Discount Fridge Filters for a wide variety of undersink and countertop water filters when it comes to homes in Australia. It feels good when you are drinking filtered water because of its smell and taste. Filtered water also improves the health of your family, among other benefits.

Wider Passageway

For the kitchen to be functional, create enough space for ease of movement. Creating wider passageways is one of the best ways to make the room more functional. You don’t want a kitchen that’s so inefficient users are struggling to move around. Kitchen space should enough for two people to pass each other. If you are working on the bench, you should leave sufficient space for others to pass. A meter-wide passageway is large enough for people to pass without disturbing others. But don’t make it too large to avoid space wastage.

Get Doorways Right

Doorways are very crucial for a perfect functioning kitchen. You must have all doors opening without affecting other functions, including movements. The recommended size of the doorways in the kitchen is at least 32 inches. But that’s not the only thing you need to look for. Ensure that swinging doors are not interfering with other doors, such as cabinets. Experts also recommend hand doors for small kitchens. Hang doors swing out rather than in making them ideal for small kitchens. This will help to deal with clearance problems.

Use Triangle Design

modern kitchen interior design

The triangle design has been used for many years in the kitchen designs. It’s one of the design tips that improve the functionality of the kitchen. The triangle design maximises spaces within three key parts of the kitchen, including the sink, refrigerator, and primary cooking surface. These are the most useful parts when preparing anything in the kitchen. The idea is to have all the three in a triangle of about 4 to 9 feet. This is a very short distance that helps to improve efficiency in the kitchen.

Design the Island

The modern kitchen island is used for more than just preparing food. There are many other things you can do with it, including meetings, dining, office, studying and so on. So, it should be designed to accommodate all these needs. The countertop size is a crucial factor to consider and should be 28 or 30 inches. Don’t forget to create a comfortable knees space and chair clearance on the back. The knees space depends upon the height of the island counter. For a 30-inch high island counter, the knee space should be 18-inches to be comfortable.

Type of Sink

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The type of sink is another factor to consider when trying to achieve form and function in the kitchen. The size of the kitchen and that of the family are two factors that determine the choice of sink. To strike a balance between form and functionality, you need to consider both material and sink size. Stainless steel sinks are the most stylish. The size of the sink all about the functionalities. Deep sinks are good for large families as they can accommodate more kitchen tools. Such sinks will make your kitchen more efficient and tidier.

Extra Lighting

Just like the rest of the rooms, the kitchen should be well lit. A dark kitchen provides a perfect environment for pests’ infestation, including cockroaches. It will also increase the risk of accidents and injuries. The choice of lighting should enhance both functionality and form in the kitchen. But the best lighting should illuminate every corner of the room. So, consider a combination of decorative lighting, task lighting and overhead lighting. The decorative lighting should enhance the room’s aesthetics. Use of natural light will also give your kitchen a unique feel.

Designing a kitchen to strike a balance between form and functionality is no easy task. Don’t invest too much on aesthetics and forget functionalities as that’s what makes the kitchen liveable and efficient. Try these ideas, and you will manage to strike a perfect balance between form and function in the kitchen.

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