Things To Make And Sell

Sewn Item

When you are considering DIY, there are a lot of options that you have to make and sell. You will require a little bit of hard work to make and sell them but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. They are fun and easy to make.


This is one such item that is very popular these days. It is easy to pack and is small which means shipping is convenient. Jewellery can include stones, metal, crystal, and leather. There are other items of jewellery too.



Who doesn’t like the display the art at their office or home?” everybody is a fan. Art can be anything, and it doesn’t have to be a specific item. It can include photographs also. You can make decorative pieces that not just can hang on a wall, but for the table also.

Soap/Bath Products:

People take care of their skin, and they are always in search of products that are devoid of chemicals or have less of them. This is where handmade soap come sin the picture. This is completely organic, and you can make it in no time. You can get different molds to create soaps of different sizes, and shapes. Since they are used daily, if you gain a name in the market, the sales can be repetitive.

Soap/Bath Products


This is similar to soap. You can make candles in various shapes, and colors. This can also include scents. You have the artistic liberty to use various items to hold your jars.

Sewn Items:

If you know how to sew, you can create a lot of stuff with simple work. This can include purses, pouches, pillow covers, blankets, aprons, and more. You can sew clothing also.


Decorative items that organize things look good on a table or in a home. People can other items to store their things, but decorative items look good. If they are unique and have a beautiful design, it is always appealing.

Decorative Dishes, Cups, and Glasses:

If you are good at drawing, you can make paint various items. There are increased demands for customized cups, dishes, and glasses. you can use it to decorate kitchen items also. These items make a good gift.

Decorative Dishes


You can make unique items or you can stick to the magnets and pins. They are given in business to customers and have a high appeal. Easy to make, and doesn’t take much time.

Pet Goods:

You can make a lot of items for pets, and people will love it. If the product is good, you will get a huge customer base, and you can sell the right form your home.


There are a lot of items that you can make and sell, but first of all, make sure that you are good at it. If not, then choose something that you know how to. In the meantime, you can learn a new skill too.

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